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Hard Pressed: Is Investigative Reporting in Peril?

Sun 11 Sep, 12pm

In a watershed year for investigative journalism in Australia, it became brutally clear why Australia is known as the defamation capital of the world. High-profile figures including Christian Porter and Ben Roberts-Smith brought gruelling defamation suits to journalists while court orders forced reporters to hand over draft copies of an investigation into the cosmetic surgery industry. Award-winning investigative reporters Kate McClymont, Nick McKenzie and Louise Milligan, and defamation law expert Matthew Collins, consider urgent challenges facing press freedom and public-interest journalism, with Deputy Editor of The Age Michael Bachelard.

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City Program

Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas

Fri 9 Sep, 12pm

Renowned broadcasters Fran Kelly and Patricia Karvelas join Jess McGuire to discuss passing the baton as hosts of the agenda-setting RN Breakfast program and the special bond between broadcasters and listeners.

City Program

The End of the Monarchy?

Sun 11 Sep, 2pm

Dennis Altman, Julia Baird, Peter FitzSimons and Teela Reid discuss Australia's path towards becoming a republic and the legacy and future of the monarchy itself, in discussion with Sushi Das.

City Program

Open to Debate

Sun 11 Sep, 10am

Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens, co-authors of the Quarterly Essay On the ethics and politics of public debate, examine why we are becoming so polarised and what can be done to fix it, with 7am host Ruby Jones.

City Program

Beyond the Margins

Sat 10 Sep, 10.30am

Australian journalists Antoinette Lattouf (How to Lose Friends and Influence White People) and Sarah Malik (Desi Girl) reflect on forging their paths in predominantly white newsrooms, in conversation with Tasneem Chopra.