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How to Have a Friendly Divorce

Sat 7 Sep, 11.30am
The Toff in Town

Make peace, let go and give the past a solid kick out the door at MWF19’s Divorce Court.

What does it look like when you can legally part ways in a mutually respectful and kind manner with someone you once deeply loved? Financial advisor Helen Baker and divorce lawyer Marguerite Picard speak with Catherine Deveny about their experience.


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Helen Baker is the founder of On Your Own Two Feet and loves to empower couples, individuals and professional women to financial freedom through values-based and goals-based financial advice.

Catherine Deveny is a comedian, writer and speaker. She published over 1000 columns in The Age, is the author of seven books, been on ABC’s QandA five times and is a Melbourne International Comedy Festival regular. She is the creator of The Gunnas Writing Masterclass, co-founder of Pushy Women and the Supreme Being of The Atheist Kibbutz. Feminist, enthusiast and maverick. Melbourne is the love of her life.

Marguerite is a co-author of Breaking Up Without Breaking Down, a peace-making, consensus-building approach to separation. The book encompasses the wisdom of ten years' work helping separating couples stay away from the court system, and away from adversarial thinking. It covers the psychology of separation through to legal settlement.

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