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Imagine Me and You: Bob Brown & Paul Thomas

Sat 7 Sep, 2.30pm
RMIT Kaleide Theatre

Activist, environmentalist and former leader of the Greens, Bob Brown has been with his partner, photographer Paul Thomas, for 23 years. Now ‘Green Nomads’ since Bob’s retirement from Canberra, they discuss resilience, love and the environment.


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Bob Brown led the Australian Greens from the party's foundation in 1992 until his resignation in 2012. In 1978 Bob was appointed director of the Tasmania Wilderness Society and led the campaign to prevent the construction of the Franklin dam. He spent 19 days in prison and on the day of his release, in 1983, he became a member of Tasmania’s parliament.

Paul Thomas, who is a farmer, has been a jackeroo, local sportsman, community worker, social activist, environmentalist and art curator. He served two terms as a Greens councillor on the Huon Valley Council in Tasmania.

Sarah Walker is a writer, photographer and fine artist. She was the runner-up in this year's Calibre Essay Prize for her essay 'Floundering.' She has been published in Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Women of Letters, for which she was also the photographer-in-residence. She also co-hosts the podcast Contact Mic.

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