Festival Program

City Program

John Button Oration: The Next Generation’s Australia

Sat 11 Sep, 4pm
State Library Victoria, Village Roadshow Theatrette

Most want to leave a fairer, healthier and cleaner world than the one they inherited. But with the looming, existential threat of climate change, as well as issues like underemployment and rapidly rising housing prices, how can today’s policymaking better reflect tomorrow’s voices? Hear from the CEO of the Grattan Institute Danielle Wood as she delivers this year’s John Button Oration on our obligations to the next generation, drawing insight from her extensive work on economic reform and systemic inequality.

Supported by the John Button Fund, Melbourne School of Government, The University of Melbourne


1 hour


Event artists

Danielle Wood is the CEO of Grattan Institute. She has published extensively on economic reform priorities, generational inequality, and reforming political institutions. Danielle is the president of the Economic Society of Australia and was the co-founder and first chair of the Women in Economics Network.

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City Program

Disorder in the Courts

Sun 12 Sep, 2pm
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Lisa Millar: Daring to Fly

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Suburban Program

Yumiko Kadota: Emotional Female

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