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Let Me Be Brief: Melissa Manning and Adam Thompson

Sun 12 Sep, 4pm
State Library Victoria, Create Quarter

Two of Australia’s most exciting debut authors, Melissa Manning and Adam Thompson, discuss their captivating short story collections set against the Tasmanian landscape. Traversing a rugged coastline, Manning’s Smokehouse features a series of interlinked stories that bring into focus how the people we meet and places we live shape who we become. Thompson’s Born Into This showcases stories with Tasmanian Aboriginal characters at their heart, blending pathos and humour while touching on identity, racism and heritage. The pair is joined on stage by Veronica Sullivan.


1 hour

Event artists

Melissa Manning is the author of Smokehouse. Her award-winning stories have been published in Australia, the US and the UK.

Veronica Sullivan is the Head of Programming at the Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas, and the chair of the Custodial Committee of the Kat Muscat Fellowship. She co-founded and co-hosted Sisteria, a podcast about women and non-binary creatives’ experiences as creators and consumers of arts and culture.

Adam Thompson is a pakana writer from Launceston, Tasmania. He has been published by the Australian Dictionary of Biography, Griffith Review and Kill Your Darlings. Adam’s debut short story collection, Born Into This, was published by UQP in February 2021.

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