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Let’s Talk About Sex

Sat 11 Sep, 2pm
The Wheeler Centre, Performance Space

Due to COVID-19, this event has been cancelled.

In the wake of reports of a culture of sexual assault in Australian schools and the release of the government’s puzzling and roundly mocked milkshake consent ad, is it time to overhaul how and when we teach young people about sex and enthusiastic consent? Physician and former Dolly Doctor Melissa Kang and ABC host Yumi Stynes (co-authors of Welcome to Consent), legal-reform advocate and author Bri Lee (Who Gets to Be Smart, Eggshell Skull) and Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society associate professor Christopher Fisher join an important panel discussion with Benjamin Law.


1 hour


Event artists

Associate Professor Christopher M Fisher takes a leading role in research on young peoples' sexual health and wellbeing. A major focus of his work is on adolescent sexual health knowledge, behaviours and educational experiences through the National Survey of Secondary Students and Sexual Health in Australia.

Most people know Dr Melissa Kang as the longest-serving expert behind the iconic Dolly Doctor column, but she’s also a writer, practising adolescent health doctor and honorary associate professor. Melissa has co-written, with Yumi Stynes, Welcome to Consent and Welcome to Your Period.

Benjamin Law is author of The Family Law, Gaysia, Quarterly Essay: Moral Panic 101 and editor of Growing Up Queer in Australia. He created and co-wrote three seasons of the award-winning SBS TV series The Family Law and wrote the sold-out MTC play Torch the Place. He co-hosts ABC RN's Stop Everything! and interviews public figures for Good Weekend.

Bri Lee is an award-winning author and freelance writer. Her books are Who Gets to be Smart, Eggshell Skull and Beauty. Her writing has appeared in The Monthly, The Saturday Paper, the Guardian, and elsewhere. She is a legal researcher at University of Sydney and hosts the monthly B List Bookclub at the State Library of New South Wales.

Yumi Stynes is a writer, broadcaster, television presenter, food fanatic, fitness enthusiast and mother-of-four—including two teenage girls. Yumi’s latest books, co-written with Dr Melissa Kang, are Welcome to Consent and Welcome to Your Period.

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