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Lillian Ahenkan: The Success Experiment

Fri 10 Sep, 8pm
The Wheeler Centre, Performance Space

Known to some 150,000 Instagram followers as Flex Mami, Lillian Ahenkan is a presenter, podcaster and influencer who uses her platform to explore everything from therapy to DIY decorating to racism. Joining live via video, she chats with Matilda Boseley about her debut book The Success Experiment—detailing how she transformed herself from a two-time uni drop-out and a career that paid in burnout into a highly sought-after media personality—and the formula that will make you think differently about the way you live and work.


1 hour


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Lillian Ahenkan aka Flex Mami is a multidisciplinary millennial: entrepreneur, social commentator, media influencer and podcaster. Lillian was winner of E! Online’s People’s Choice Award for Influencer of The Year 2020 and Instagram’s Young Entrepreneur of 2020. The Success Experiment is Lillian’s first book.

Matilda Boseley is a Walkley award-winning reporter and live blogger for Guardian Australia, where she also heads the publication’s popular news coverage on TikTok. After hours she is co-creator and co-host of the chart topping Australian political podcast Old Boys Club. Previously Matilda reported for The Age and 7News.

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