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Lives in Exile

Sun 8 Sep, 1pm
SLV, Village Roadshow Theatrette

For survivors who flee fascist regimes, facing new forms of guardianship and authoritarianism can be a monumental undertaking. Two exiled Iranian women who survived detention on Nauru – Narges Alizadeh and Fazileh Mansour Beigi – explore the nature of love and identify the meaning of hate. With Ben Doherty and facilitated by Saba Vasefi.


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Narges Alizadeh started to campaign for her health and family reunification while she was trapped within offshore detention on Nauru. Narges was separated from her family for more than four years. She medically transferred to Australia last year and was detained inside the Villawood detention centre. She is living in Sydney with community detention visa.

Ben Doherty is a correspondent for The Guardian newspaper, and has spent more than a decade reporting across the Asia-Pacific, including postings in southeast Asia and south Asia. Three times a Walkley Award winner, he is currently reading for master’s degree at Oxford University. He is the author of Nagaland.

For months on Nauru, Fazileh begged authorities to intervene in the declining mental health of her sons. Her pleas went unanswered, and her eldest son, Fariborz, committed suicide. After a long battle, his body was taken to Australia. Fazileh continued to campaign for her surviving son, deeply bereaved by his brother’s death.

Saba Vasefi is a multi-award winning writer, journalist, filmmaker and poet. She writes for the Guardian on the narratives of displacement and imprisoned women on Nauru. Saba researches her PhD on exilic feminist cinema studies and teaches at Macquarie University.

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