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City Program

Love, Factually

Fri 9 Sep, 10am

Few topics have inspired authors, artists, poets and pop stars alike as that of love. Join two of Australia’s favourite writers, Trent Dalton (Love Stories) and Clementine Ford (How We Love), as they discuss their new books, both of which bring fresh perspective to the endlessly complex workings of the human heart. They explore how love transforms our lives, how we fall into it and out of it, and the myriad ways that we care for each other as children, friends, partners and parents. They appear in conversation with Elizabeth McCarthy.


1 hour


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City Program

Food for Thought

Sat 10 Sep, 1.30pm

Food writers and chefs discuss the overnight mainstreaming of ingredients and dishes they grew up with. Featuring Nornie Bero, Jess Ho and Dicky Senda, in conversation with Rushani Epa.

City Program

You’re Too Much

Sat 10 Sep, 4pm

Discover how Hana Assafiri, Liz Duck-Chong, Laurie Penny and Shelley Ware revel in being loud, unafraid seekers of success, despite being incessantly told to be smaller, quieter and less visible, with Patricia Karvelas.

Suburban Program

Rick Morton: Growing Up in Country Australia

Sun 11 Sep, 2pm

Join Rick Morton – Growing Up in Country Australia editor, journalist and author – as he reflects on the anthology and his own body of work. With Jaclyn Crupi.

Suburban Program

Trent Dalton: Love Stories

Fri 9 Sep, 6.30pm

Bestselling author Trent Dalton talks about his new book Love Stories, a collection of reflections on love from some 60 strangers, with Kate Evans.