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Madame Brussels’ Melbourne

Thu 5 Sep, 1pm
Victorian Archives Centre

Archaeologist Sarah Hayes and historian Barbara Minchinton discuss their research on Little Lon, Melbourne’s sex work precinct of the 19th century. Utilising archives and artefacts, they share what is known about its brothels, sex workers and the elusive Madame Brussels.

Contains discussion about sex.

A creative collaboration with the Public Record Office Victoria and Ancestry.com.au


1 hour

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Session Artists

Dr Sarah Hayes is an urban archaeologist with a particular interest in the role possessions play in quality of life and social mobility, and in turn opportunity, inequality and wastefulness. She is a senior research fellow at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation, Deakin University.

Barbara Minchinton completed her PhD on nineteenth century land selection in the Otways using Public Record Office Victoria records. She is an independent researcher and a volunteer at PROV, and has worked on numerous paid and unpaid projects from the transcription of nineteenth century shipping passenger lists to the archaeology of Little Lon.

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