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Natasha Brown: Assembly

Fri 3 Sep, 8am

Available on demand from 8am, 3 Sep to midnight, 15 Sep

Natasha Brown’s Assembly has earned impressive praise as ‘the literary debut of the summer’ (Vogue) and a ‘book that doesn’t just mark the moment things change, but also makes that change possible’ (Ali Smith). She speaks in conversation with Areej Nur about her virtuosic novel, narrated by a Black British woman preparing to attend a lavish party at her boyfriend’s family estate, exploring issues of race, class and assimilation in the shadow of Britain’s colonial legacy.


1 hour


Event artists

Natasha Brown has worked in financial services for the last ten years and studied maths at Cambridge University. She developed Assembly after receiving a 2019 London Writers Award in the literary fiction category and lives in London.

Areej Nur is a radio presenter and educator. She is also the co-founder of African artist collective and research platform, Still Nomads.

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