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New World Disorder

Sun 11 Sep, 3pm

From the invasion of Ukraine and the curtailing of freedoms in China to the subjugation of women’s rights in the US and the dispossession of Palestinians, the global order is lurching into uncharted territory. Hear from a panel of experts as they discuss how world events are undermining stability, civil liberties and prosperity in Australia and abroad. Palestinian Egyptian Muslim activist Randa Abdel-Fattah (Coming of Age in the War on Terror), terrorism and extremism expert Lydia Khalil (Rise of the Extreme Right) and US history and politics expert Emma Shortis (Our Exceptional Friend) speak with interviewer and broadcaster Sally Warhaft.


1 hour


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Prize-winning writers and co-hosts of Triple R's Superfluity, Clem Bastow and Christos Tsiolkas discuss literary friendships, pop culture in writing and how generational differences inform their work, with Cath Moore.

City Program

The Ambitions of Australia

Sat 10 Sep, 12pm

Anna Clark, Osman Faruqi, Teela Reid and Julianne Schultz consider the changing and contested project of Australia's story and our ambitions for its future, with Sally Warhaft.

City Program

Open to Debate

Sun 11 Sep, 10am

Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens, co-authors of the Quarterly Essay On the ethics and politics of public debate, examine why we are becoming so polarised and what can be done to fix it, with 7am host Ruby Jones.

City Program

Writing Wrongs

Sun 11 Sep, 10.30am

Kylie Moore-Gilbert (The Uncaged Sky), Louisa Lim (Indelible City) and Michelle Aung Thin (Hasina: Through My Eyes) discuss fighting – and writing – for freedom from the front lines of human rights crises, with Arnold Zable.