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Festival Program

City Program

Norman Swan: So You Want To Live Younger Longer?

Fri 9 Sep, 10.30am

One of the most trusted voices during the pandemic, Norman Swan gives the lowdown on longevity in So You Want to Live Younger Longer? Drawing from the questions he hears time and again from millennials to baby boomers, Swan busts medical myths and wellness fads, explores emerging research about the mind-body connection, and reveals why our genes may matter less than we think. Swan appears on stage with Raf Epstein for a conversation about how to live younger and longer at any age.

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1 hour


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Appearing live via video, Yassmin Abdel-Magied talks about her searing new essay collection, Talking About a Revolution, which investigates the complications of race, language and political upheaval, with Roj Amedi.

Suburban Program

Akuch Kuol Anyieth: Unknown

Thu 8 Sep, 7.30pm

Graduate researcher and debut author Akuch Kuol Anyieth unpacks Unknown, a memoir of her journey from civil war in South Sudan to a new life in Australia. With Nana Owusu.

City Program

Chelsea Watego: Another Day in the Colony

Sun 11 Sep, 4.30pm

Prolific writer and public intellectual Chelsea Watego discusses Another Day in the Colony, her celebrated essay collection that dismantles colonial fictions and argues not for hope, but for self-determination, with Nayuka Gorrie.

City Program

Losing Their Religion

Sun 11 Sep, 12pm

Louise Omer (Holy Woman) and Tom Tilley (Speaking in Tongues) speak about their memoirs of growing up in and eventually leaving the Pentecostal faith, in conversation with Adolfo Aranjuez.