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Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Sat 31 Aug, 2.30pm
The Toff in Town

Celebrate that first flush of feeling with themed talks and performances at MWF19’s Wedding Chapel.

Four artists respond to the challenge: present a piece that’s old, new, borrowed or blue. Join host Emilie Zoey Baker as she draws literary magic and live readings from Manisha Anjali, Moreno Giovannoni, and Chloe Hooper celebrating romance and heartbreak.


1 hour

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Session Artists

Manisha Anjali is a writer, performer and dream archivist. She is the author of Lizard (IRL Press, 2019) and Sugar Kane Woman (Witchcraft Press, 2016). Manisha is the creator of Neptune, an audio archive of dreams and hallucinations of artists, and is the poetry editor at The Lifted Brow.

Emilie Zoey Baker is an award-winning Australian poet and spoken-word performer. She performs regularly at arts and literature festivals, and is the creative director of OutLoud.

Moreno Giovannoni was born in San Ginese but grew up in a house on a hill, on a tobacco farm at Buffalo River in north-east Victoria. He is a freelance translator of long standing. The Fireflies of Autumn is his first book.

Chloe Hooper is the author of two highly awarded works of non-fiction, The Arsonist and The Tall Man; and two novels, A Child’s Book of True Crime and The Engagement.

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