Festival Program


Ruby Hamad: White Tears/Brown Scars

Sat 7 Sep, 1pm
SLV, Village Roadshow Theatrette

White Tears/Brown Scars deconstructs archetypes including ‘damsel in distress’ and ‘angry brown woman’ to interrogate how race privilege allows white women to position women of colour as aggressors in times of conflict. Ruby Hamad discusses her searing debut with Amal Awad.


1 hour

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Session Artists

Amal Awad is a journalist, screenwriter and author. She has written for such publications as ELLE, Frankie, Meanjin, Going Down Swinging and SBS Life, and produced for ABC Radio National.

Ruby Hamad is a journalist, author, and PhD student in media and postcolonial studies at UNSW. A former Fairfax columnist, her work also appears in The Guardian, Prospect Magazine, and The Saturday Paper. She currently writes for Crikey and The New Arab.

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