Festival Program


Salon X

Thu 5 Sep, 5pm
Immigration Museum

An intimate evening of embodied storytelling and performances from artists including Lay the Mystic, Ryuichi Fujimura and Aniva collective on themes of self-love, body positivity and intersectionality, alongside museum exhibitions that explore tattoo, community and identity from Samoa, Japan and locally.

For Salon X we present artists who draw on and redefine the power of their bodies, their voices and their marks to create new narratives. All pose the questions: how do we navigate the worlds we live in, how do we express and reveal ourselves, and what are the marks we make and leave behind?

Wander through our exhibitions with a drink and be warmed by songs in language, spoken word and dance. Take the time to leave your mark in haiku form alongside resident poets for the night, Australian Haiku Society.

Museum as Muse series supported by Museums Victoria

Image: Paul Stillen, Annie, 2019. Photograph courtesy of Lekhena Porter


4 hours 30 minutes

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