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Sex Work on the Page

Sun 1 Sep, 7pm
SLV, Isabella Fraser Room

There are many myths about sex work, but what do those working in it say? Nadine Chemali, Fiona Patten, Nic Holas and Rita Therese discuss the importance of sex worker voices in the literary world, and how they bring their understanding to their writing. With Jules Kim.

Contains discussion about sex.


1 hour

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Session Artists

Nadine Chemali is a writer, researcher and social worker. Nadine came to Australia as a child, fleeing war torn Beirut. She is dedicated to creating and nurturing communities, facilitating discussions on identity, sexuality, displacement and representation, discourse she feels was missing from her own migrant upbringing in Australia.

Nic Holas is an activist, writer, and co-founder of The Institute of Many (TIM). Nic has contributed to a number of anthologies, including Growing Up Queer in Australia, Queertstories, and The Best of the Lifted Brow Volume Two. His writing has also appeared in Archer, The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC, SBS, and Junkee.

Jules Kim is a Korean/Australian sex worker and the CEO of Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association, the peak national organisation that has been representing sex workers and sex worker organisations, collectives and projects throughout Australia since 1989.

Fiona Patten is the leader of the Reason party and a Victorian Upper House MP. Fiona came to politics after 20 years of lobbying for the rights of organisations involved in the sexual rights movement. Since being elected in 2014, Fiona has campaigned for evidence-based policies including drug law reform, safe access to abortion clinics and voluntary assisted dying.

Rita Therese is a writer and sex worker from Melbourne. She has self-published a series of zines about sex work, and is currently writing her memoir with Allen and Unwin.

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