Festival Program


Squishface Studio: Artists in Residence

Sat 7 Sep, 11am
The Wheeler Centre, Performance Space

Talk and collaborate with the artists of Squishface Studio as they write and draw their most Melbournian comics! With Scarlette Baccini, David Blumenstein, Clea Chiller, Darren Fisher, Issey Fujishima, Ben Hutchings, Ele Jenkins and Vicky Nguyen.

This session is free, no bookings are required.


5 hours


Session Artists

Scarlette Baccini is a comic book author and illustrator from Melbourne, best known for her comic book series Zombolette. Utilising her background in biology, she is currently working on a range of children’s picture books centred around science themes.

David Blumenstein is a service designer and comic artist. His comics work includes the graphic essay Free Money, Please: How to Make Passive Income While the World Burns and #takedown: My Evening on a Pier with Pick-up Artists and Protesters.

Clea Chiller is an artist and illustrator who works out of Squishface Comic Studio in Brunswick. Her deeply personal works focus on her battles with mental and physical illness. She is the creator of Garbage Bags, a series of darkly humorous autobiographical zines, and has had comics published by The Lifted Brow and Doll Hospital Journal.

Darren teaches into the Animation program at Swinburne University. He is otherwise known as Storybordello Comics, where he has curated and edited Ashcan issue 10, Diary Comic compilations, and a host of mini comics. His latest work is a self published superhero sci-fi romance comic collaboration about Aztec Gods and birth control.

Issey Fujishima is a Japanese German artist living in Melbourne. After launching his debut graphic novel series The Reign of God in 2017, he has written essays for Inheritance Magazine and contributed short comic stories to anthology works. His works explore the frictions between religion, culture, and politics.

One of the instigators of Melbourne’s Squishface Studio, Ben has been writing and drawing comics for over 20 years. His most recent work is the children's graphic novel Mini Mel and Timid Tom.

Ele Jenkins is a cartoonist and illustrator working out of Squishface Studio in Brunswick. Her work ranges from surreal auto-fiction to non-fiction graphic essays.

Vicky Nguyen is an aspiring journalist, comic artist and court watching enthusiast. A current member of Squishface Studio, she's currently working on her urban fantasy graphic novel Moonlight City, a neo-noir fairy tale about werewolves and barristers.

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Talk and collaborate with the artists of Squishface Studio as they write and draw their most Melbournian comics!