Festival Program


Staged: Through the Night

Sat 1 Sep, 1pm
ACMI Studio 1

Writer and translator Ed Moreno brings his experience as a long-term HIV survivor to this performance of the work of Brazilian writer Caio Fernando Abreu, one of the most important voices of the AIDS epidemic, in a performance that celebrates humanity and survival.

Recommended for mature audiences. This session contains content related to abuse, death, self-harm and homophobia.

This session is $22/$19. Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 20 July.

Head along to a free Q&A with Ed Moreno after this session. Immerse yourself in a collection of vibrant one-off theatre performances with the Staged theatre series.


1 hour

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Ed Moreno is a writer, translator, poet, activist, and long-term HIV survivor. He is a witness to the AIDS epidemic and his work focuses on how we negotiate the fractures HIV created in our world. As the translator of Brazilian writer Caio Fernando Abreu, Moreno brings the work of a critical figure in HIV history to English audiences for the first time.

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Free Wishlist

Write a letter to whom or what you have lost in a cathartic, healing experience.


Staged: Through the Night Q&A

Sat 1 Sep, 2.30pm
Free Wishlist

Writer and translator Ed Moreno holds a post-show Q&A to discuss his work Through the Night.


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