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The Death (and Rebirth) of Sex

Sat 25 Aug, 1pm
ACMI The Cube

Sex and death: Are they inevitable partners?Why does sex tend to flourish at the start of relationships, then die off? More importantly, what can we do to (a)rouse the dead? Roger Butler of Curious Creatures and sexologist Linda Kirkman explore.

This session contains content related to death.

This session is free, no bookings are required.


1 hour

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Session Artists

Roger Butler is one of Australia's most prolific workshop facilitators in the fields of sexuality, self-development, and communication. Their commitment to sex-positivity, communication, and finding solutions sees them write, facilitate, and podcast about some rather adventurous topics.

Dr Linda Kirkman is an entrepreneur sexologist with a PhD focusing on sexuality, ageing, and non-mainstream relationships. Her background is in education, public health and women’s health. Linda’s current work includes sex therapy, professional development on sexuality, international consulting, and workshop facilitation. She will talk about relationships and sexuality to anyone who will listen.

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