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The End of the Larrikin Legend?

Fri 10 Sep, 2pm
State Library Victoria, Conversation Quarter

From Bob Hawke to ocker billionaires, the figure of the larrikin looms large in Aussie culture. But is it strictly the domain of top (white) blokes, how does it play out in our politics, and will Scott Morrison’s laidback daggy-dad persona succeed or sour with voters before next year’s election as we reel from bushfires, floods and the pandemic? Appearing live via video, Lech Blaine (The Larrikin Myth, Masculinity and Politics) joins on-stage panelists The Monthly editor Nick Feik and The Age state political editor and The Accidental Prime Minister author Annika Smethurst to get to the heart of our national character.


1 hour


Event artists

Lech Blaine is a writer from country Queensland. His first book Car Crash: A Memoir was published by Black Inc in March 2021. He is the author of the latest Quarterly Essay about class and masculinity. Lech's work has been published in Best Australian Essays, Kill Your Darlings, The Griffith Review, the Guardian and The Monthly.

Nick Feik is the editor of The Monthly magazine. As a writer, he has contributed political and current affairs-related pieces to The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Saturday Paper and The Monthly.

Annika Smethurst is the state political editor at The Age newspaper in Melbourne. She is a double Walkley Award winner and has two Melbourne Quill Awards for political reporting. Her upcoming book The Accidental Prime Minister will be the first definitive biography of Australia's thirtieth prime minister, Scott Morrison.

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