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The Funeral Parlour: Love Letters to Loss

Sat 25 Aug, 4pm
ACMI The Cube

You are warmly invited to write a letter to whom or what you have lost. Your words of sorrow and heartache will be folded to form an intimate artwork of woe. This participatory art will immerse audiences in a cathartic, healing experience.

This session contains content related to death.

This session is free, no bookings are required.


1 hour

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Session Artists

Glitter and Snatch are a high kicking, booty shaking dance duet from Melbourne.  Through provocative and punchy acts, Glitter and Snatch create intricate and elaborately adorned performance art. They have been performing for the last four years and have landed on many a late night stage or table top in and around Melbourne.  

Noriko Ikaga is an origami artist originally from Japan. She studied Art at Maryland Institute College of Art in the USA. She is a skilled Kusudama practitioner and teacher, who has conducted Kusudama workshops in Japan, Taiwan, Sydney and Melbourne, where she has also held many exhibitions of her work. Kusudama (lit. medicine ball) is a form of paper folding that developed in ancient Japan.

Jojoh Nyx is a performance artist and community worker. She performs in dance duet Glitter and Snatch and physical theatre company One Trick Pony. Nyx's work is guided by her close relationship with death and loss, and she creates intimate, immersive artworks to explore our shared humanity.

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Sat 25 Aug, 2pm

Vanitas is an artwork for smartphones and cemeteries that guides you around the historic graves of Melbourne Cemetery through a mysterious app.

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Write a letter to whom or what you have lost in a cathartic, healing experience.


Raimond Gaita: Facing Death

Sat 25 Aug, 7pm

What does it mean to face death truthfully? Raimond Gaita gives a lecture on the philosophy of death.


Crawl Me Blood

Fri 31 Aug, 6.45pm

An immersive installation transporting you to the Caribbean, inspired by Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea.