Festival Program


The Mass of Lament

Sun 8 Sep, 4pm
The Toff in Town

Make peace, let go and give the past a solid kick out the door at MWF19’s Divorce Court.

It’s one thing to invite your friends and family to watch you walk down the aisle, but where’s the pomp when a relationship ends? Why can’t those saying goodbye get a little ceremony too? Join breakup celebrant Casey Bennetto for a raucous ‘letting go’ service. 


1 hour

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Session Artists

Casey Bennetto is best known from a distance. He wrote the musical Keating! so long ago that he can't restage it without first explaining to audiences who Gareth Evans is. He recently scored Season 2 of Get Krack!n and cowrote Lorelei with Gillian Cosgriff and Julian Langdon.

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