Festival Program


The Muse in Museum: The Journey to the Ocean Floor

Sat 25 Aug, 11.30am
Melbourne Museum

Join professor Philip Hoare and marine biologist Micheline Jenner for a guided tour around Melbourne Museum’s beautiful oceanic collection. This immersive experience will provide the opportunity to share your own tales of the deep blue sea and discuss its presence in literary greats.

This session is $40. Tickets go on sale at 9am on Friday 20 July.


1 hour 30 minutes

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Session Artists

Philip Hoare is the author of Leviathan or, The Whale, which won the BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for non-fiction. His new book is RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR. He is a regular contributor to The Guardian, Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Southampton, UK, and curator of the Moby-Dick Big Read.

Micheline Jenner and her husband Curt Jenner are marine biologists and master mariners. For 30 years, the Jenners have conducted pioneering cetacean research documenting humpback whale calving grounds and feeding areas for pygmy blue whales, while raising two daughters at sea. They are Explorers Club Lowell Thomas and AGS Lifetime of Conservation awardees.

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Join Philip Hoare and Micheline Jenner for a guided tour around Melbourne Museum's oceanic collection, while exchanging tales of the deep blue sea.


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