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The Pleasure of Guilty

Sun 1 Sep, 10am
The Capitol

How socially acceptable is it for intelligent, career-focused people to confess to being a diehard fan of lowbrow rom-coms? Celebrated ABC journalist Virginia Trioli and director of The Wheeler Centre Michael Williams confess their own guiltless romantic pop culture pleasures.

Update to previously advertised information: Paul Kennedy and Kate Torney no longer appear in this event.


1 hour

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Session Artists

Two-time Walkley Award-winner, Virginia Trioli is one of Australia’s best-known journalists, with a formidable reputation as a television anchor, radio presenter, writer and commentator. She is much sought-after as a speaker and MC, and combines a rigorous interviewing style with a wicked sense of humor.

Michael Williams is the director of the Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas in Melbourne. He has worked at the Wheeler Centre since inception in 2009, when he was hired as the head of programming before being appointed as director in 2011.

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Book Club: Judith Lucy

Fri 6 Sep, 6pm

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