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Suburban Program

Trent Dalton: Love Stories

Fri 9 Sep, 6.30pm

After penning two deeply personal novels, Trent Dalton decided he wanted to ‘get out my head and into the heads of other people’. So he spent two months on a Brisbane street corner with a typewriter and a sign that asked, ‘Can you please tell me a love story?’. The resulting collection, Love Stories, shares the insights of some 60 strangers in ‘a rich caravanserai of real, living people with something important to tell’ (Sydney Morning Herald). Dalton sits down with broadcaster Kate Evans (The Bookshelf) for a discussion about his award-winning book.

In partnership with Bunjil Place and Casey Cardinia Libraries

In partnership with ABC RN


1 hour


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Suburban Program

Akuch Kuol Anyieth: Unknown

Thu 8 Sep, 7.30pm

Graduate researcher and debut author Akuch Kuol Anyieth unpacks Unknown, a memoir of her journey from civil war in South Sudan to a new life in Australia. With Nana Owusu.

City Program

The Ambitions of Australia

Sat 10 Sep, 12pm

Anna Clark, Osman Faruqi, Teela Reid and Julianne Schultz consider the changing and contested project of Australia's story and our ambitions for its future, with Sally Warhaft.

City Program

Against Disappearance: Essays on Memory

Sun 11 Sep, 10.30am

Andre Dao, Hasib Hourani and Mykaela Saunders discuss their contributions to Against Disappearance, an essay collection by First Nations writers and writers of colour, in conversation with Leah Jing McIntosh.

City Program

Open to Debate

Sun 11 Sep, 10am

Waleed Aly and Scott Stephens, co-authors of the Quarterly Essay On the ethics and politics of public debate, examine why we are becoming so polarised and what can be done to fix it, with 7am host Ruby Jones.