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We Have the Technology

Fri 9 Sep, 1.30pm

Accelerator physicist Suzie Sheehy's The Matter of Everything is a riveting foray into the surprising experiments and brilliant physicists who determinedly, and often accidentally, revolutionised how we understand the universe. While AI expert Toby Walsh's Machines Behaving Badly asks: in a world that can suddenly and drastically be changed by one experiment gone right (or wrong), what limitations should we place on progress? Lizzie O'Shea joins Sheehy and Walsh for a fascinating discussion on where humanity has been – and where we're going.


1 hour


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City Program

Love, Factually

Fri 9 Sep, 10am

Trent Dalton (Love Stories) and Clementine Ford (How We Love) chat about their new books that bring fresh perspective to the workings of the human heart, in conversation with Elizabeth McCarthy.

City Program

Growing Up in Country Australia

Sun 11 Sep, 10.30am

Growing Up in Country Australia editor Rick Morton chats with Tony Armstrong, Bridie Jabour, Laura Jean McKay and Sami Shah about their contributions to an anthology offering a fresh modern look at life in the country.


Shelf Care

Fri 9 Sep, 12pm

A panel of much-loved Festival guests share the books they hold closest to their hearts. Featuring Maya Hodge, Sarah Holland-Batt, Chloe Hooper, Sarah Moss and Abbas Nazari, in conversation with Kate Evans.

City Program

A Sense of Wonder

Sat 10 Sep, 3pm

Julia Baird (Phosphorescence) and Indira Naidoo (The Space Between the Stars) share insight into how they found solace and healing in the natural world in the wake of illness and grief, in conversation with Eliza Henry-Jones.