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Festival Program


Women of a Certain Age

Sun 11 Sep, 12pm

When a woman’s value is in direct proportion with how youthful they appear, what dismal fate awaits the ageing woman? How do they navigate a world that no longer considers them useful and that renders their bodies invisible and their ambitions improbable? Feminist activist and commentator Jane Caro (The Mother), two-time Miles Franklin Award–winning novelist Michelle de Kretser (Scary Monsters) and broadcaster and author of A Question of Age Jacinta Parsons share their perspectives of ageing and womanhood, in conversation with broadcaster and author Sian Prior (Childless).


1 hour


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City Program

The Ambitions of Australia

Sat 10 Sep, 12pm

Anna Clark, Osman Faruqi, Teela Reid and Julianne Schultz consider the changing and contested project of Australia's story and our ambitions for its future, with Sally Warhaft.

Suburban Program

Artist and Muse: The Archibald Prize

Fri 9 Sep, 8pm

This year’s Archibald Prize finalists join their subjects to discuss their creative process. Featuring James Powditch and journalist Laura Tingle, and Kim Leutwyler and drag performer Courtney Act, with Erik Jensen.


Appearing live via video, Yassmin Abdel-Magied talks about her searing new essay collection, Talking About a Revolution, which investigates the complications of race, language and political upheaval, with Roj Amedi.

City Program

The End of the Monarchy?

Sun 11 Sep, 2pm

Dennis Altman, Julia Baird, Peter FitzSimons and Teela Reid discuss Australia's path towards becoming a republic and the legacy and future of the monarchy itself, in discussion with Sushi Das.