Festival Program


Workshop: How to Fictionalise Your Life

Sun 5 Sep, 2.30pm

This has changed from a face-to-face workshop to an online one. Detailed instructions for participants will be provided. Please note: This workshop is not included in the MWF Digital Pass.

How can your writing convincingly push beyond memoir to make compelling fiction inspired by real-life events and relationships? Join Kavita Bedford, the author of the critically acclaimed novel Friends & Dark Shapes, for an online workshop on how to fictionalise your life. She looks at literary devices, breaking down form and creating voice; how wrestling back a narrative can serve as a political act; and examples of modern writers who draw from stylised personal perspectives, including Rachel Cusk, Jenny Offill, and Bryan Washington.

In partnership with Writers Victoria


2 hours 30 minutes



Event artists

Kavita Bedford is a writer. Her debut novel, Friends & Dark Shapes, was published by Europa Editions (USA) and Text Publishing (AUS) in 2021.

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