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Workshop: How to Write Speculative Fiction

Sat 4 Sep, 2.30pm

This has changed from a face-to-face workshop to an online one. Detailed instructions for participants will be provided. Please note: This workshop is not included in the MWF Digital Pass.

In increasingly unreal times, readers are turning to the imagined worlds of speculative fiction to make sense of the past, present and how our story might end. Join prize–winning Noongar author Claire G Coleman (Lies, Damned Lies) who leads an online workshop on the ins and outs of the genre, sharing insight into her own creative process crafting the celebrated speculative novels Terra Nullius and The Old Lie. Find out why the genre is such a powerful political force, its capacity to explore colonialism and its undoing, and how to build realistically unreal words in your writing.

In partnership with Writers Victoria


2 hours 30 minutes



Event artists

Claire G Coleman is a Noongar woman who writes fiction, essays, poetry and art writing while either living in Naarm (Melbourne) or on the road. Her latest work is Lies, Damned Lies: A personal exploration of the impact of colonisation.

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