Education Resources

To assist with in-classroom teaching before and after festival, we have developed free education resources to accompany each event at MWF Schools. Our resources are theme-based and include prompts and questions that are deliberately general in nature so they can be used across year levels and cohorts.

Download the PDFs below and start learning today.

Primary school (Years 3–6)

MWF Schools Resource – Katrina Nannestad: Catching Stories

MWF Schools Resource – Kirli Saunders: Caring for Country

MWF Schools Resource – Gabrielle Wang: The Magic of Storytelling

MWF Schools Resource – Eddie Woo: Solving Life’s Big Questions

Secondary school (Years 7–10)

MWF Schools Resource – Rhiannon Wilde: Growing Pains

MWF Schools Resource – Vanessa Len: A Monster of a Story