Primary School Program

Primary Schools Program 

On Wednesday 3 May or Thursday 4 May, primary students enjoyed an action-packed day of interactive and fun events designed to complement the education curriculum, hosted by Karys McEwen.

Explore the full program below. You can also explore our Teacher Resources for creative and critical classroom activities.

Lev Grossman

Magical Planet

All aboard! Join bestselling author of the Magicians trilogy Lev Grossman for a rip-roaring adventure around the world full of surprising facts and fascinating stories about this planet we call home.

Students learn all about the strange and wonderful creatures that live on Earth with us – from pangolins and polar bears to snakes and herons – and how young people can help protect endangered animals and their homes.

Along the way, Lev uncovers the curious history of steam trains and teaches students how to transform their ideas, interests and passions into an exciting story of their very own!

Learning areas: English, science, history, geography
Capabilities: critical and creative thinking, ethical understanding, personal and social, literacy
Cross-curriculum priorities: sustainability

Sofie Laguna and Marc McBride

Let’s Stick Together

Creativity, courage and ... food colouring?

The dynamic duo behind The Glow, award-winning author Sofie Laguna and illustrator Marc McBride, takes students behind the scenes of their creative process; how they come up with ideas, what inspires them and the secret to working well together as a team (all while Marc airbrushes an illustration live!).

The Glow follows Megan and her best friend Li as they draw on all their creativity and bravery to battle a spooky monster that’s taken over their town. Like Megan and Li, students learn how art – and great teamwork – can help them face their own fears too.

Learning areas: English, visual arts
Capabilities: critical and creative thinking, personal and social, literacy

Zana Fraillon

It’s About Time

If you could time-travel, where would you go? What would you see?

Acclaimed author Zana Fraillon shares how she imagined a whole new world – or two – in her latest YA novel, The Raven’s Song.

From bog bodies to ancient myths, students discover how researching the past can inspire stories about the future, and learn how to develop the voices of strange characters in unusual times – as well as the importance of having a trusty writer’s notebook to capture all their ideas!

Learning areas: English, design and technologies, history
Capabilities: critical and creative thinking, literacy
Cross-curriculum priorities: sustainability

Brenton McKenna

Heroes, Monsters and Me

You know all about yowies, bunyips and Big Foot, but do you know ... the Hairy Holes?

They’re like the weird, creepy hairy man cousins that don’t get invited to family get-togethers. That’s why you’ve probably never heard of them. The Hairy judges that live in the bush, the Hairy Holes keep everything in balance – until now.

In this hilarious session, Yawuru creator Brenton McKenna takes students on a rollicking ride through his new black-and-white graphic novel, Hairy Holes as well as his other titles: the Ubby’s Underdogs series and ‘Ole Champ’ cartoon strips.

Students meet some of Australia’s toughest animals and get a crash course on the wonderful world of the internet while learning all about the monsters and heroes that live in this land – and sometimes our head!

Learning areas: English, visual arts, civics and citizenship
Capabilities: critical and creative thinking, intercultural understanding, literacy
Cross-curriculum priorities: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures