On Kindness

Secondary School, Years 9—10

Helena Fox, winner of the 2020 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award in the Young Adult category, explores topics of grief, mental illness, and the importance of community in her work. Her novel, How It Feels to Float, makes a compelling case for kindness – both to each other and to oneself.

In this thoughtful session, Fox discusses the value of listening, of compassion, and how sometimes simply being there for someone can be an act of great kindness.

Education Resource

Helena Fox: Anxiety & Friendship

This resource was created to accompany the MWF Schools’ Program. It is theme-based, and teachers/students do not need to have read the author’s book, How It Feels to Float, to engage with it. The prompts and questions are deliberately general in nature so that it may be used in classrooms across year levels and cohorts.