On Resilience

Primary & Secondary, Years 6—8

Zana Fraillon, multiple award-winning author of The Bone Sparrow, shares the inspiration behind her novels. In her latest book The Lost Soul Atlas, her protagonist Twig must choose between a blissful future without painful memories and an arduous journey to find his father and piece together his former life.

Fraillon speaks about writing resilient characters as well as treacherous villains, and the pleasures of building vibrant worlds filled with difficult challenges.

Education Resource

Education Resource_Zana Fraillon: On Resilience

This resource was created to accompany the MWF Schools’ Program. It is theme-based, and teachers/students do not need to have read the author’s book, The Lost Soul Atlas, to engage with it. The prompts and questions are deliberately general in nature so that it may be used in classrooms across year levels and cohorts.