Own Voices Storytelling

Secondary School, Years 8—10

Young adult fiction is often used as a conduit to explore complex and difficult topics, and Lisa Fuller’s prize-winning debut novel Ghost Bird is no different. She discusses how she uses the tale of a young Aboriginal girl’s disappearance in a small Queensland town as a launchpad to explore questions of colonisation, inter-generational trauma and injustice, and how writing her novel was a corrective to the popular retelling of colonial history in Australia.

Fuller writes the book she wished she’d had in her youth and discusses the power in First Nations Australians seeing themselves and their age-old culture between the pages.

Education Resource

Lisa Fuller: Own Voices Storytelling

This resource was created to accompany the MWF Schools’ Program. It is theme-based, and teachers/students do not need to have read the author’s book, Ghost Bird, to engage with it. The prompts and questions are deliberately general in nature so that it may be used in classrooms across year levels and cohorts.