The Power of Creating Stories

Primary School, Years 2—4

What are the elements needed for a good story? Award-winning author Lili Wilkinson shares how writing can be a tool for self-expression and creativity, and the power of humour and imagination in bringing a story to life.

She discusses where ideas come from and how to turn them into narratives, just like the characters in her latest book Hodgepodge: How to Make a Pet Monster 1 who turn a weird assortment of ingredients into a unique, fart-prone monster called Hodgepodge.

Education Resource

Education Resource_Lili Wilkinson: On Where Story Ideas Come From

This resource was created to accompany the MWF Schools’ Program. It is theme-based, and teachers/students do not need to have read the author’s book, Hodgepodge: How to Make a Pet Monster 1, to engage with it. The prompts and questions are deliberately general in nature so that it may be used in classrooms across year levels and cohorts.