Schools’ Program: Primary

The MWF Schools’ Program brings a series of free videos and education resources to teachers and students, available online from 10–28 August.

Featuring an inspiring line-up of authors, this program will engage and empower young readers and writers (and their grown-ups) to contemplate different ways of enacting change.

No bookings required.

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The Value of Listening

Mon 10 Aug | Years 1–3

Close-up portrait of Gregg Dreise.

Why is it so important to cherish and sustain Australia’s Indigenous cultures? Join talented storyteller Gregg Dreise for an entertaining session on the importance of understanding culture and connecting to and honouring heritage.

Gregg uses music, performance, and art to share the value of storytelling, reveals what we can gain by actively listening to stories and communities different to our own, and demonstrates how by doing this, the world becomes a better place.

The Power of Creating Stories

Mon 10 Aug | Years 2–4

Portrait of Lili Wilkinson.

What are the elements needed for a good story? Award-winning author Lili Wilkinson shares how writing can be a tool for self-expression and creativity, and the power of humour and imagination in bringing a story to life.

She discusses where ideas come from and how to turn them into narratives, just like the characters in her latest book Hodgepodge: How to Make a Pet Monster 1 who turn a weird assortment of ingredients into a unique, fart-prone monster called Hodgepodge.

How to Save the Whole Stinkin' Planet

Mon 10 Aug | Years 3–5

Portrait of Lee Constable.

Lee Constable is into all things science, technology, and sustainability, and knows all too well the worrying impact that discarded things and unwanted waste have on our environment.

Follow along as she and Captain Garbology (her super-powered alter ego) embark on a compost-filled, rubbish-laden adventure through landfills and wastepaper baskets to unlock the secrets to saving our planet. But you’d better hurry – it’s getting stinky and time is running out!

On Resilience

Mon 10 Aug | Years 6–8

Portrait of Zana Fraillon.

Zana Fraillon, multiple award-winning author of The Bone Sparrow, shares the inspiration behind her novels. In her latest book The Lost Soul Atlas, her protagonist Twig must choose between a blissful future without painful memories and an arduous journey to find his father and piece together his former life.

Fraillon speaks about writing resilient characters as well as treacherous villains, and the pleasures of building vibrant worlds filled with difficult challenges.