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Growing Up African in Australia

Wed 4 Sep, 10am
Treasury Theatre

Sharing stories is how we get to know each other better – to respect and celebrate our differences. Maxine Beneba Clarke talks to Hope Mathumbu, Nyadol Nyuon and Ahmed Yussuf, contributors to Growing Up African in Australia, an anthology of some of those stories.


45 minutes

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Maxine Beneba Clarke is the ABIA and Indie award-winning author of the memoir The Hate Race, the short fiction collection Foreign Soil, the poetry collection Carrying The World, and several critically acclaimed children's books, including the recently released Fashionista. She is The Saturday Paper's Poet Laureate.

Hope Mathumbu is a Queer Black South African born woman, who has lived and worked on the sovereign lands of the Kulin Nation since 2003. Her work in public health, radio, arts and various other community development sectors is driven by her belief in the Black African humanist philosophy of Ubuntu.

Nyadol Nyuon is a lawyer, community advocate, writer, and accomplished public speaker. She holds a bachelor degree in Arts from Victoria University and a law degree from The University of Melbourne.

Ahmed Yussuf is a writer and journalist. He co-edited Growing Up African in Australia, the first anthology of African-diaspora stories in Australia. His work has featured in Acclaim Magazine, The Guardian, TRT World and Jalada Africa. He was also an artist in the 2018 Digital Writers Festival.

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