The MWF Interview: Emerging Voices

Discover your next great read in this five-part interview series with some of the country’s most exciting emerging talent.

Each Festival weekday will highlight a new voice in Australian writing, introduced and interviewed by a fellow author.

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Katerina Bryant

Mon 10 Aug | Interview

Environmental portrait of Katerina Bryant

Katerina Bryant (Hysteria) interviewed by journalist and author Jenny Valentish.

Published on 10 August

Anna Downes

Tue 11 Aug | Interview

Close-up portrait of Anna Downes.

Anna Downes (The Safe Place) interviewed by bestselling crime writer Sarah Bailey.

Published on 11 August

Cath Moore

Wed 12 Aug | Interview

Environmental portrait of Cath Moore.

Cath Moore (Metal Fish, Falling Snow) interviewed by children's and YA author Wai Chim.

Published on 12 August

Christopher Raja

Thu 13 Aug | Interview

Environmental portrait of Christopher Raja.

Christopher Raja (The Burning Elephant) interviewed by writer and editor Zoya Patel.

Published on 13 August

Ewa Ramsay

Fri 14 Aug | Interview

Portrait of Ewa Ramsey.

Ewa Ramsay (The Morbids) interviewed by fiction writer Julie Koh.

Published on 14 August