Ticketing FAQs

Information on how to book tickets and view your sessions online.

We’ve created a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through the booking process.

How to View Your Sessions

To view your online sessions during MWF Digital, follow these five steps in our visual guide.

We recommend that you set your browser to enable third party cookies, so that streaming issues are minimised.

  • If you are using a Mac, please enable the third party cookies setting.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer (IE), try Microsoft Edge as an alternative browser.
  • If you are using Firefox 79, make sure Play DRM content is enabled.
  • If your Chrome browser is less than 84, please update to the latest version of Chrome​.

Live Streamed
content will stream at its designated time from YouTube.  No bookings required.  This includes 3 events:

Contact Us

For more information, please contact us.

Email: [email protected]

Ticketing FAQs

When do MWF tickets go on sale?

Tickets to MWF Digital are on sale now. Explore the full program here.

What types of sessions are available?

MWF Digital is a online festival. The program consists of video, audio and written content for audiences to experience from home.

On Demand Sessions

Most of the MWF program is on demand. On demand sessions will be released for you to view at a scheduled time, and are available for three hours from the listed start date and time.

Bookings are required.

Live Streamed Events

There are three live-stream events in the MWF program: Science Vs Romance, Bubbly with Jam and Clare and Take It From Me. These will come to you, unedited and direct from the presenters.

Live Streamed content will stream at its designated time from YouTube. No bookings required.

The following sessions are free and do not require bookings.

For the Kids!

This two-part series is suitable for ages five and up. Links will be accessible on the scheduled dates, available on demand 8am – 8pm.

1. Real Pigeons Meet Sally Rippin
2. Real Pigeons Meet Gavin Aung Than

MWF Schools' Program

Sessions for primary and secondary school students will be available from 10 to 28 August. Links will be accessible on Monday 10 August.

1. Primary Sessions
2. Secondary Sessions


Podcast episodes will be published throughout the Festival and do not require bookings.
Find episodes here.

Written Pieces

The Read All About It series features four commissioned pieces by famous Australia authors. Pieces will published on Festival weekends.

The MWF Interview: Emerging Voices features interviews between emerging and established authors. Interviews will be published on the Festival weekdays.

Both series will be published on the MWF Blog.

How much do MWF sessions cost?

Pay What You Can

This year, we invite you to pay what you can to access most MWF Digital sessions. You may choose from $5, $10, $20 and $50 per ticket or make a FREE booking.

We don’t want money to be a barrier to accessing the program, but we’re also making it possible for people to be generous where they can, to keep MWF going strong.

If you'd like more information, please email [email protected] or call 0434 517 357.

How do I book my tickets?

Customers must purchase tickets to MWF Digital online by creating an online account here.

If you have an existing account, simply log in and begin booking.

Will my booking attract booking fees?

All transactions taken on our website and over the phone incur a transaction fee based on the amount spent.

$0 or FREE: $0
$1 – $25: $2.20
$25.01 – $75.00: $3.85
$75.01 – $100.00: $4.95
$100.01 – $400.00: $6.05
$400.01 or more: $7.70

Booking fees include credit card fees and the cost of providing the booking service.

Can I buy tickets on the day?

Tickets are available to purchase online until the session commences.

Am I eligible for the concession price on tickets?

For MWF Digital, the Concession ticket price is only available for workshops.

The concession price of $120 for workshops is also valid for Writers Victoria members.

Can I exchange my tickets, or get a refund?

MWF does not offer exchanges or refunds on tickets, except where the session has been cancelled. For more information, see our Terms of Sale.

How do I use the Wishlist?

Use the Wishlist to create a selection of sessions you would like to attend. Please note that adding sessions to the Wishlist does not purchase a ticket; you will need to complete this process separately.

Using the Wishlist also allows you to create a schedule for your saved sessions, shareable by email, Facebook, Twitter, or as a printed PDF.

How can I watch with a friend or family member?

To watch the session, you will need to be logged into your MWF account. To watch a session with another person, you will either need to be watching the same screen if you live together. If you do not live together, you will both need seperate MWF accounts, both with tickets.

Please note, you cannot buy two tickets on one account. You will need seperate accounts.

Can I watch from overseas?

You can watch our sessions from anywhere in the world. Please note, sessions are using AEST time, so you will need to convert it to your local time.

Buying Tickets Online

How do I create an account?

You will need to create an account to purchase tickets online. There are two ways to create an account:

1. Click on the 'Account' link at the top of the page
2. Or, through ‘Check Out’ when finalising a booking.

When creating an account after ‘Check Out’, you will be prompted by two options: ‘Existing Customer’ and ‘New Customer’. Please type (do not cut and paste) your email address into the ‘New Customer’ field and select 'Continue'.

You will need to fill out the mandatory fields, including creating a password. Your password should include a combination of letters and numbers for your personal security.

How do I log into my account?

To log in online select 'Account’ at the top of the page. You will be prompted for your email address and password. Select ‘Log in’.

How do I reset my password?

Select ‘Account’ at the top of the page. Underneath the login area is a link that says 'Forgotten Your Login?'. Click this, enter your email address and select ‘Continue’. A temporary password will be emailed to you. Use this to log in, you will need to type this password, not copy and paste it. You will immediately be prompted to create a new password.

You must be logged into your account. Ensure you have selected ‘Account’ at the top of the page. Under the ‘Your Account’ header select ‘Edit Your Details'. Change contact details and select ‘Update’.

How do I change my password?

You must be logged into your account. Ensure you have selected ‘Account’ at the top of the page. Under the ‘Your Account’ header select ’Edit Your Details’. Enter your new password twice (for confirmation) and select ‘Update’.

How do I select tickets?

Select a session. Specify the ticket quantity for each ticket type (eg. one $20 ticket) from the drop-down list. If more than 20 tickets are required, use the drop-down to add additional tickets to the cart. Select ‘Add to Cart’.

How do I make changes to the cart?

Select ‘Cart’ at the top of the page to view your cart. To make changes, select 'Edit Cart'. Change the quantity of tickets as required and select ‘Update’. You can also delete sessions by selecting the garbage can icon next to the line item. To clear your cart and start again, select ‘Clear’.

How do I add extra sessions?

To continue shopping, select ‘Browse for Further Events’. This will take you back to the program listing.

How do I finalise a booking?

Select ‘My Cart’. Confirm the sessions, dates and quantities listed are correct. When satisfied, select ‘Check Out’ to proceed to the booking page. You will need to log in or create a new account before finalising payment. Details for this are listed above.

Online payments are accepted through MasterCard or Visa credit cards only. All bookings incur a booking fee with the exception of ticket purchased at $0. Please ensure that you read the Terms & Conditions as you will be bound by these conditions as soon as the booking is finalised.

Select ‘Confirm Booking’. You will be taken to a booking confirmation page, listing your booking reference number. You will receive a confirmation email within minutes which will contain your tickets and receipt.

Accessing Online Sessions

What is the duration of an MWF session?

All MWF sessions are approximately 45–60 minutes in duration, with the exception of online writing workshops.

Workshops run for 3.5 hours.

How long do I have to view my session?

Sessions can be accessed through your MWF Account, and run according to AEST +10:00 GMT Melbourne.

Sometimes a session will clash with work drinks on Zoom, or the kids' bedtime, so we've made sessions available for three hours from their scheduled start date and time.