Have a question for an author?

Would you like to ask your favourite writer a question at the festival? Submit it in this form.  

While there are many unifying experiences of being at a writers festival, perhaps the most well known is sharing a collective sigh with hundreds of other readers as over the speakers comes that dreaded, inevitable statement: "...I have more of a comment than a question." And each audience member knows that's their cue to scurry off and make their next event before it's too late. 

Last year, we asked for your thoughts about the festival. And the verdict was clear: live audience questions are out, more time with authors is in. 

But we also know having the chance to speak with authors is a special part of writers festivals. So, if you have a question for an author, please use this form to submit it before Tuesday 30 April. Or bring along your question written on paper and hand it over to a volunteer before your event. We'll be selecting a number of the most insightful and interesting questions for each moderator to consider. 

This will help ensure we can keep events running strictly to time so you're not left haunting our theatre foyers or out in the cold. 

And don't forget: you can always meet writers at book signings following their event. (Or catch them at The Moat having a limoncello margarita – our festival cocktail – if you're lucky...)