A writers festival like you've never seen it before.

Together, let's hold hands through ten days of performance, theatre, music, art and writing. We'll connect through words and experience because today, we are alive.

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Festival Highlights

Special Event

Opening Night Gala: You Are Here

Fri 24 Aug, 7pm

A celebration of joy and resilience with Andy Griffiths, Mojo Juju, Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa, Fablice Manirakiza, shOUT Choir, The Boon Companions, and Andrew W.K.

Free Wishlist

Write a letter to whom or what you have lost in a cathartic, healing experience.


A Tribute to Childhood

Sat 1 Sep, 4pm

Jessie Cole, Majok Tulba, Mara Wilson and Nevo Zisin celebrate, lament and mourn their youth and turn to the future.

Special Event

Second Last Rites: Magda’s Funeral

Sat 25 Aug, 6pm

Join Magda Szubanski as she sits through her own funeral, with several big (and secret) names gathered to toast her life.