Siang Lu: Where You'll Find Me

Siang Lu, award-winning author of Ghost Cities and The Whitewash, and co-creator of The Beige Index (the Bechdel Test for race), shares the events you can't miss at MWF. You can catch the author behind one of Readings' Most Anticipated Books of 2024 as he shares the stage with Laura Jean McKay (Gunflower) at Ghost Cities and Ghost Futures. 

"Siang Lu’s brain at play is a thing of wonder." – Kate Mildenhall, author of The Hummingbird Effect

What events are you most looking forward to at the festival?

  1. I’m looking forward to the in-conversation for A Man of Two Faces with Viet Thanh Nguyen, who seems to only write incredible books.
  2. The short story workshop is a must-attend for creatives looking to learn from the best: Laura Jean McKay, master of the short form and author of the absurdly good Gunflower. Wait. VTN… LJM… am I really just into authors with three initials in their name?
  3. Sadly, I must now break that pattern for my third recommendation, the announcement of – and Q&A with – 2024's Stella Prize winner. The Stella shortlist features a stunning lineup of literary talents, some of whom, whoa, have three names. The pattern survives! 

Does a tweet count? Jennifer Down — whom everyone should follow on Instagram — screenshotted this tweet by ‘guooey’, then I screenshotted the screenshot, and oh yeah that Twitter/X account doesn’t exist anymore, which is spookily apt because what follows is now the ghost of a tweet:

Ohhhhhj [sic] so the childhood self doesn’t disappear forever they come back as a ghost when you are struggling to break into adulthood and sit with you during your lunch break so you’re not alone. Alright