Sold Out Workshop

Lamisse Hamouda: Writing with Family

The acclaimed author of the memoir The Shape of Dust, Lamisse Hamouda, teaches how to bring your family into the creative process of writing about your shared history.  

MWF Workshops are presented in partnership with Writers Victoria


10 May 14:30
The Wheeler Centre Workshop Space
Access: Wheelchair
How can you bring family into your creative process to find truth, nuance and heart when writing about your shared history? 

Join acclaimed Egyptian-Australia writer and performer Lamisse Hamouda as she shares insight from crafting her dazzling memoir, The Shape of Dust, an incredible tale of overcoming injustice and an ode to familial love. 

In this interactive workshop with activities and discussion, she guides you through ethical and practical considerations, choices around using multiple voices and memories, the blending of personal archives into memoir, and tips on undertaking interviews.  

Workshops run for 150 minutes.


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Lamisse Hamouda: Writing with Family