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Spooky Stories with Joel McKerrow

Join celebrated children’s author Joel McKerrow (Urban Legend Hunters) as he takes you on a spooky adventure. This laughter-filled event will inspire kids to create their own spooky and silly stories!   

Rec. 5+  


12 May 10:30
State Library Children's Quarter
Access: Assisted Listening Wheelchair
Celebrated children’s author Joel McKerrow is here to take you on a spooky adventure! 

Join him as he performs his own poems, shares stories and talks about his latest graphic novel Urban Legend Hunters, a campfire-worthy ghost story that is sure to have you squeaking, squealing and giggling at the crazy antics in store. 

Don’t miss a laughter-filled event that will inspire kids to create their own scary and silly stories. 

This event is recommended for ages five and older.


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Spooky Stories with Joel McKerrow