Schools’ Program

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This year, the MWF Schools’​ Program was delivered online through a series of videos and curriculum-based education resources for teachers and students across Victoria, and the world.

Inspiring authors shared their knowledge on topics including identity, creativity, storytelling, and building resilience. The Schools’ Program engaged and empowered young readers — and their grown-ups — to contemplate different ways of enacting change, and consider reading as a radical act.

Education Resources

These education resources were created to accompany the Schools’ Program. Teachers and students do not need to have read the authors’ books to engage with them. The resources are theme-based and include prompts and questions that are deliberately general in nature, so that they can be used in classrooms across year levels and cohorts.


Years 1–3: Gregg Dreise: Aboriginal Culture & History

Years 2–4: Lili Wilkinson: On Where Story Ideas Come From

Years 3–5: Lee Constable: Science, Environment, Sustainability

Years 6–8: Zana Fraillon: On Resilience


Years 6–8: Zana Fraillon: On Resilience

Years 8–10: Rawah Arja: Breaking Down Stereotypes

Years 8–10: Will Kostakis: Courage & Sexuality

Years 8–10: Lisa Fuller: Own Voices Storytelling

Years 9–10: Helena Fox: Anxiety & Friendship

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