Ian J McNiven and Lynette Russell (First Knowledges: Innovation) share insight into the millennia-spanning ingenuity and innovations of First Nations peoples, in conversation with Larissa Behrendt.   


11 May 12:00
State Library Conversation Quarter
Access: Assisted Listening Wheelchair
First Nations peoples are some of the oldest innovators in the world. First Knowledges: Innovation showcases expertise and ingenuity that spans millennia, including body shaping, building artificial reefs for oyster farms, repurposing glass from Europeans into spearheads, and novel economic responses to colonisation. 

Hear from authors Ian J McNiven and Lynette Russell in conversation with Larissa Behrendt as they share insight into unique social and spiritual activities, trading strategies and land-management practices that offer resourceful ways to deal with the challenges of now.  


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First Knowledges: Innovation