Sold Out Workshop

Bruce Pascoe: Writing Place and Season

Join Black Duck and Dark Emu author Bruce Pascoe to learn how to capture a sense of place and the rhythms of the seasons in your writing.  

MWF Workshops are presented in partnership with Writers Victoria.


12 May 10:00
The Wheeler Centre Workshop Space
Access: Wheelchair
In good hands, a strong sense of place in writing can shape character, incite action and evoke deep feeling. 

Join Dark Emu author Bruce Pascoe for an illuminating workshop on crafting setting in your storytelling. Pascoe draws insight from his acclaimed writings about land and Country, including his co-authored revealing new memoir Black Duck, which charts six seasons on his family farm. 

Learn how to bring life to depictions of place, the art of really listening to nature and its rhythms, and why deeply knowing a place is crucial to rendering it successfully on the page.  

Workshops run for 150 minutes.


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Bruce Pascoe: Writing Place and Season