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Bruce Pascoe and Lyn Harwood: Black Duck

Bestselling Dark Emu author Bruce Pascoe and his partner Lyn Harwood talk about their poignant new memoir Black Duck and the consequences of trying to change Australian history with Paul Barclay.   

Supported by ARA


11 May 16:30
Athenaeum Theatre
Access: Wheelchair
From the bestselling Dark Emu author Bruce Pascoe and his partner, editor Lyn Harwood, comes Black Duck, a deeply personal story of the consequences for changing Australian history. 

Spanning a year on their farm in East Gippsland, Black Duck covers the aftermath of devastating bushfires, the rebuilding of a marriage, and the toll of finding yourself at the centre of a rancorous culture war after arguing a sophisticated use of land predated colonisers. 

Pascoe and Harwood speak with Paul Barclay about living in harmony with Country based on very old practices and why 'sometimes you need to repeat something a hundred times before a bell rings in the colony' (Pascoe, Harwood).  


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Bruce Pascoe and Lyn Harwood: Black Duck