Prize-winning Gudanji and Wakaja writer Debra Dank (We Come With This Place) and bestselling Tracks author Robyn Davidson (Unfinished Woman) discuss their new memoirs about memory, land and family, with Kate Evans. 


12 May 16:30
State Library Theatrette
Access: Assisted Listening Wheelchair
Prize-winning Gudanji and Wakaja writer Debra Dank and bestselling author of Tracks, Robyn Davidson, have penned poignant new memoirs exploring time, memory, land and family legacies. 

Dank’s We Come With This Place charts the resilience of her family and ancestors through time, earning praise from Tara June Winch as ‘a jewel of a book’ to rival Australia’s great desert memoirs. 

Davidson’s Unfinished Woman unfolds the legacy of her mother’s early death in motivating her legendary 1977 trek through the Australian desert and lifelong wanderlust. 

They speak with Kate Evans.  


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